Onazi says fan called him 'dirty ni**er'

ANSA Sports
18 Mar 2016

Lazio's Eddy Onazi said Friday a Lazio fan cornered him after their 3-0 home defeat to Sparta Prague that sent them out of the Europa League Thursday night and allegedly called him a "dirty ni**er".

"I won't call him a fan," said the Nigeria midfielder. "This person got angry with me because of the match. All fans are entitled to get mad at players. I didn't reply but at a certain point that person shouted that I was a dirty ni**er. I nearly lost it".

Lazio have had problems due to sections of racist fans over the years. On Thursday a group of Lazio fans staged a flash mob at the Colosseum to show that not all supporters of Rome's oldest soccer club are racist before the second leg of their last-16 Europa League tie against Sparta Prague.

Lazio have been punished for racism by their fans on several occasions in the past and they risk fresh sanctions after visiting supporters subjected Sparta's full back Costa, who is black, to jeers when he touched the ball in the first leg in Prague last week.

"We Love S.S. Lazio 1900 - We Fight Racism," read a slogan put up by the fans. "We are men and women Lazio fans, ordinary supporters who are not part of any organized group". "We are only moved by love for these colours and for the history of this team, which too often recently has been stained by the racist behaviour of a minority, who are damaging Lazio and all their fans".

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