Agatu killings: Benue Reps accuse FG of complicity

Ubong Ukpong
19 Mar 2016

The Benue State Caucus in the House of Representatives, yesterday accused the Federal government, FG, of conspiring with Fulani herdsmen to sustain the killings of the people of Agatu and other villages in the state.

The eleven representatives of the Benue people in the Green Chamber spoke with one voice, insisting that the act was genocide, and asked Benue people to get ready to embark on self defence if the FG continues to look the other way while Benue people are being killed by Fulani people.

President Muhammadu Buhari had expressed shock over the killings and ordered an investigation, but the Reps said that was inconsequential as he ought to have ordered immediate action to address the sustained killings. Speaking on behalf of the caucus, at a press briefing in Abuja, Hon. Orker Jev said that the attack was rather a jihadist mission to depopulate and seize Benue state by the Fulani people. He said that Buhari did not show interest in the plight of the Benue people as he kept mute watching the killings for that long before his belated statement.

“We decry the lukewarm attitude of the federal government towards this ‘jihad’ being waged against our people by the herdsmen. We condemn the belated reaction of President Muhammadu Buhari and his minister of Interior, Lt-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau, rtd, who broke their unholy silence a week after over 500 people were killed and 10 villages razed in Agatu area of the state. It is curious that up till today, the investigative panel purportedly instituted by the federal government to inquire into the attacks has not been made public or inaugurated. Who are the members of this committee? When will they commence work? Must we wait for all the people of the State to be cleansed off the surface of the earth before we act?

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