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S# Namesort descending Gender Meaning
51 Ochanya Feminine


52 Ochayi Masculine

King of children or kids

53 Oche Masculine

King. The variant Otse is used by people from Ado Local Government Area.

54 Ochefije Feminine

A human is worth more than money

55 Ocheje Masculine

No one really knows why except God

56 Ocheme Masculine

A generation of Kings has ended

57 Ochemeyi Masculine

King's offspring

58 Ocheoho Masculine

The position of a leader is a burden

59 Ochohepo Masculine

God is the best judge

60 Ochojila Masculine

Peoples King

61 Ocholuje Masculine

A tree with spikes, that cannot be rushed upon

62 Odaleko Unisex

Season i.e there is time for everything.

63 Odumu Masculine


64 Ogangbo Masculine

My gift

65 Oganya Feminine

Women Leader

66 Ogbole Masculine

Leader of family home (usually given when a father dies before the birth of a child)

67 Ogebe Masculine


68 Ogejuma Masculine

Put to the test

69 Ogodo Feminine

Mother of all mums

70 Ogwa Feminine


71 Ojonye Masculine

One who is compassionate hardly receives compassion from others

72 Okwori Masculine

Persevering against all odds

73 Oloche Masculine

Having friends & family is true wealth.

74 Olotuche Unisex

The faithful one

75 Oloture Unisex


76 Omaba Masculine


77 Omale Masculine

A renowned scribe

78 Ondugbe Masculine

The Lord is wonderful

79 Onjefu Masculine

Who can predict tomorrow?

80 Onnah Masculine


81 Onoja Masculine

Market leader (a very resourceful person)

82 Onum Masculine

He that pursues me in my innocence, pursues shadows.

83 Onyeche Feminine

Who wants to be relegated?

84 Onyechi Feminine

A child dedicated to the gods

85 Onyeje Feminine

Who knows tomorrow

86 Onyemowo Feminine

Who knows tomorrow?

87 Onyeyibo Feminine

A beautiful child.

88 Onyiloko Feminine

Woman of strong virtues

89 Oofuni Feminine

God's grace is not sourced by force

90 Owagoyi Feminine

Only God can give a child

91 Owoicho Masculine


92 Owoloyi Feminine

Every child belongs to God

93 Oya Feminine


94 Oyibinga Feminine

I can endure for a child

95 Oyife Feminine

A child is greater than wealth

96 Oyiwoda Feminine

A child is a source of pride