Books on Idoma

SNo. Title Authorsort descending
1 Man of Courage and Character: The Ogbuluko War in Colonial Idomaland A.P. Anyebe
2 Searching for the Philosophy of Negritude in African Music: A Critical Study of 2Face Idibia’s African Queen Abah Ikwue
3 Men in the middle : leadership and role conflict in a Nigerian society Alvin Magid
4 Indigenous Nigerian Oral Drama as an Instrument of Social Regulation: A study of Ogbllo Secret Society of Idoma Amali, Idris O.O
5 Alekwu Poetry as a Source of Historical Reconstruction: The Pursuit of Idoma-Otukpo Origin, Genealogy and Migration Amali, Idris O.O.
6 Masquerade Performance Tradition of Idoma: Issues of Limitation and Methodological Approaches in Research Anyebe, Ted
7 Religion of the Idoma David Onu Salifu, PhD
8 Idoma nationality, 1600-1900: Problems in studying the origins and development of ethnicity Erim Odey Erim
9 Idomaland under the British colonial administration: Some reflections on the nature and effects of the colonial policy c.1908-c.1950 G. E Ode
10 Morpho-Phonemic Hindrances to Standard Idoma Orthography Geoffrey Oche Apeh
11 Idoma bibliography, 1848-1987 Idris O.O. Amali
12 The Life and Times of Och'Idoma II Inalegwu Odeh
13 Ije: The performance traditions of the Idoma Jenkeri Okwori
14 Okpa Oje k'Idoma Joseph Onka Oblete
15 Benue politics and the Idoma question, 1968-1993 Joseph Ujah Ukpoju
16 The Class System of Igede Nouns Michael A. Abiodun
17 The Derivation of Genitive Nouns in Four Benue-Congo Languages: Yoruba, Ukaan, Igede and Ebira Michael A. Abiodun
18 Social Significance of Idoma Ritualistic Drama of Death Oche Gabriel Ukah
19 Art, Society and Performance: Igede Praise Poetry Ode Ogede
20 The Symbolic Death of Monarchs in the Process of Installation in Idoma Land: A Paradigm for Fighting Corruption in Nigeria Oduma-Aboh, Solomon Ochepa
21 Perspectives on Cross-Gender Relations in a Traditional Society: A Study of the Idoma of Central Nigeria Okpeh O Okpeh Jr.
22 Vowel Sandi and Word Division in Igede Richard Bergman
23 The Idomoid languages of the Benue and Cross-River Valleys Robert G Armstrong
24 Prolegomena to the Study of the Idoma Concept of God Robert G. Armstrong
25 Talking Drums in the Benue-Cross River Region of Nigeria Robert G. Armstrong
26 A West African Inquest Robert G. Armstrong
27 Idoma Musical Instruments Roger Blench
28 The Principles of Idoma Roy Clive Abraham
29 The Idoma language, Idoma wordlists, Idoma chrestomathy, Idoma proverbs Roy Clive Abraham
30 The Nigerian dreams and realities: A bilingual play in Idoma and English S. O. O Amali
31 The Idoma inquest : a bilingual presentation in Idoma and English together with Odegwudegwu : an original bilingual play in Idoma and English Samson O. O Amali
32 African Art and the Colonial Encounter: Inventing a Global Commodity (African Expressive Cultures) Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
33 The Economic Foundations of Idoma Society 1860-1960 Y. Ochefu
34 Edwin Ogbu Y. Ochefu (ed.)
35 A History of the Peoples of Benue State, Vol 1 Y. Ochefu, A. Varvar and J. Iyo